Monday, January 27

Join us for our thrilling new Fox special, "When Migrains attack! 3":
The first victim is Ben Morrell who works in a bookstore in a small town in rural USA. Little does he know he's about to be attacked by one of these vicious headaches. "I was walking out to my car when I noticed I could no longer feel my arms, and I was like, ok, that's weird. It's only when I got in the car and reached for the emergency break that I realized my hand was doing what it wanted to do. "

From there our harried hero drove himself home, as he puts it, "I had to keep my eyes on the road, AND on my hands, being as I couldn't feel them I had to keep an eye on what they were doing."

What ending does this story foretell? Does he end in a firey crash before the headache can even get to him? Does a magical faery come out of no where and transport him home? The answer to all of those? NO. He makes it home and takes his medication.

Thus ends our special on "When Migrains attack! 3".

I'd like to have you all know that migrains aren't as cool as I make them out to be. I was trying to go for some drama, or something with which I could tell a better story with. Not anything i would suggest you go out and try on a whim. I did survive, you might not be so lucky. Consider yourself warned...



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