Wednesday, January 8

Wow... so I spent like HOURS AND HOURS studying today! I am sooooooo busy. Ok... now that that little fiction is done with: I think I finally got out of bed at 11:30 this morning. (After reading for 2 hours) And then I read some more after my shower. I ate lunch, while reading, and then read some more. Then I hung out online a bit, read some more, played my guitar, read some more, tried to get my phone to show pictures, and read some more. Then it was off to band pratice where we skipped all over the world and finally landed at Adam's house and then I took Lisa home.

What, you might find yourself asking, is he reading that keeps him stuck in his book? Well, you asked (mentally, I heard you...), so I shall tell. Robin Hobbs 3rd book in the Farseer Trilogy "Assassin's Quest". Writing quality wise she's very good. Story wise I've just stopped guessing at the storyline, because whatever I guess and hope for never happens. She, like George R.R. Martin, has no qualms about killing people, or giving her characters a hard time. (However her people don't stay AS dead as Martin's characters) As soon as I finish this I will be free to start Robert Jordan's newest book (Crossroad's of Twilight), which, I have heard, is more of the same plodding storyline as the previous one. Of course I will pratically have to read the whole glossory in the back so I can try to remember who everyone is.

Tomorrow is another "long day" and then I have Friday off as well. Friday I think will be a nice day. I'm not sure what I will be doing with all of it yet. But I am sure I will enjoy it. I have a bottle of Sparkling Lemonade calling my name.

Now I'm off to read some more...



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