Wednesday, February 5

So I made it into REI today to *holding up fingers to quote* "equip" myself for the trip to the rugged north. (Or, as I like to call it, The United States, without the as strict FDA) I ended up spending about 20 bucks more than my target spending, which isn't too bad, however, I did join the REI cult... or whatever it is they call their discount program. Being as I can deffinatly see that place as being 100% dangerous to my check book (which I don't use) I thought it would be safe to get their discount card, being as it is a mere 15 bucks that means I need spend 150 bucks on non-sale items to break even (over the course of my life) and I have this feeling I'll be able to do that.

Now I am off to do that HW I talked about earlier. I'll catch you all later!

Also I would suggest you head over to and check out their project on Smallpox. Maybe together we can find a cure! And if you want to do this I suggest you also join team TibenNet! (Link takes you to a thing to join)



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