Thursday, February 20

Working back to back schedules makes the week seem crazy long. (Closing on Tuesday and opening on Wednseday) Up until this past night I was running off something like 11 or so hours of sleep for this week. (I got in a good 9 last night (skipping class #1 to do it, but I was informed that I missed nothing.))

I got my class registration information for next quarter, so I have to start thinking about that now. That and my graduation deadline is fast approaching, combined with the dealine for the SPU application. I am thinking my day off tomorrow is going to be spent working on SPU stuff.

Lawhead's new book, Patrick, came out at the top of the week. I would love to tell you that it's as amazing and gripping as the rest of his works, but I can't say that. Mainly because I haven't started reading it yet. However, Thomas tells me that he is enjoying it. I haven't heard from my mother (who is reading the copy I brought home) if it is any good. But we'll see if I'll be able to get some time to read it. THEN I will tell you what I think.

In other news Friday (tomorrow) is the one month marker for Lisa and I offically dating.

However, being as I am at school now I am going to go back to doing the HW I was working on. More later, as I am sure I'll have horror stories about The chick who will be in the store tonight at 7pm. (And yes, that is the book she's pushing that we happen to have something like 130 copies of...)



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