Thursday, May 22

Read the signs!

Yesterday was the concert in Tacoma. Before that Lisa and I wandered around Tacoma and saw the Glass Museum. So while looking at glass and such there were some steps down to a lower area. There were 3 or 4 signs all over the place that warned about shallow steps, etc. I read them all, made a comment about them, and then proceeded to forget all that and take a mis-step off of one and twist my ankle. This prooves that no matter how much you MIGHT know, expirence is untimately the best teacher. (ouch)

This past week has been "crazy-go-nuts": I switched my schedule around so I got Monday off to work on my Cisco Project, Then Tuesday I went to school (@ school @ 7am) then right to work (3-11:30) then at work the next morning (7am-1:30), then to get Lisa and off to Tacoma. Then back to Seattle, dropped her off, then got home (1:30am), then at school this morning (7am). Then work after school from 6pm-11:30. So it's been crazy. I am SUPER glad I have tomorrow off.

Still working on finding a logo/ creating a logo for we'll see what we can find. My offer still stands. Free T-Shirt to the one who makes it for me.



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