Monday, May 5

Some Changes...

I have found an odd pattern in my working hours:
Thursday: 6-close
Saturday: 5-close
Sunday: 4-close
Monday: 3-close
Hmmmm... But that was only this week.

We're up to almost 900 Harry Potter pre-orders now. I've been told that at BN alone we have over 9.5 million Harry Potter preorders so far. Some popular books that have been in print since the 70's still haven't hit 10 million copies in print. Harry Potter #5 is going to do it in it's first week! Amazing.

Some of you might have noticed, but I have converted my blogs to Blogger Pro... which means I get some new features. And should I change domain names it gives me some more flexibility.

I discovered some really cool stuff tonight... only I can't talk about it. Soooo, just be surprised. "Oooo, Ahhh!" Thanks. Tomorrow is laundry day and web design day. So we'll see what kind of fun insues.

Laptop still hasn't shipped. I expect it sometime at the start of next week.



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