Sunday, May 4

More Stupid Than you Can Stick a Shake at:

Tonight was angry teenager night at BN. Some guys came in and decided that they had too much "manly" testosterone flowing through their boyish bodies and felt the need to beat it out of each other. So outside the store they went, after knocking a taco from one young man's hand, where two of them proceeded to "have it out". Well, let me rephrase that: One of them was obviously more skilled at "having it out" than the other one, so the better of the two "had it out" on the other one. I let my manager know that there was a fight going on outside and she went out there and broke it up.

I have a theory that they had just got done seeing the X-men movie and then felt the need to act out hatred against mutants. Anyway, they must have been handing out free samples of stupid at the movie theater tonight. The other great example of this tonight was the man who thought that by saying the word "Borders" he could get me to do anything he wanted: "Well, do you match prices to your online store?"
"Nope, sorry."
"Ok... do you take borders coupons?"
"Well, I guess I'll just have to go to [slight more emphesis on this next word] borders then. Because [here it comes again] borders has what I'm looking for."
"Ok. Great. Have a good evening sir."

Honestly, what do they expect me to do? Suddenly change the stance I had 30 seconds ago. "Well, actually sir I was just kidding. We DO accept Borders coupons and we will honor the online prices!" Store policy is store policy. And who am I to change that? I sell books, that is my goal for people I help. Help them find the books they are looking for. I personally enjoy it when you buy books from our store, yet my goal is to help you find that book. No matter where you might find it. That's why Barnes and Noble is number one in the nation for customer service. And we break up fights. That's right. BN... keeping the streets of your city safe from crime.



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