Saturday, May 3

This bookseller has been wearing the same pair of dress shoes to events (work included) for the past 6 years. Just the other night (Thursday) a bad thing happened. I stepped over a shelf that was stacked on it's side and it caught on my shoe. It proceeded to tear that said shoe's leather apart from the rubber. This seems to be the subtle way in which God is telling me to buy new shoes.

So yesterday morning I got up nice and early (6:30am) and went to the car fixer-upper-place and sat there for 2.5 hours or so while they gave my car what they like to call in the industry a "Scheduled Maintainence". Which is a fancy way of saying "It's gone 82500 miles we wanna have it in to make sure it's all good still." So they had it in, and it was all good. (Still!)

After that I jumped in the car and drove from Everett (where the car-fixer-upper-place is) down to Bell-square (in Bellevue) where I proceeded to the "Walking Store" (or some such title) where I proceeded to spend LESS than 15 minutes looking for shoes. I want to go on record now and say that spending less that 15 minutes shopping for shoes is my IDEAL. The sales people were WON-DER-FUL. So now I have a new pair of shoes. Hopefully this will last me another 3 years at least... if not the 6 of the previous pair. =)

Then after that I had to go BACK to Everett, because when they rotated my tires it threw the alignment off so badly that I didn't have to turn the wheel to turn right. That got fixed (in an hour) and I went on my merry little way.

Also saw X2 last night. (X-Men 2) It was pretty good. Some nice effects. I think it's something that people will enjoy more if they know some of the story. But I don't know for sure. I enjoyed it. X3 however, should be VERY cool.

Now I am going BACK to bed. (Cafe meeting this morning... we have a new manager)



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