Sunday, July 20

Welcome back...

Hey Everyone!
I'm back! Friday found Lisa and I driving out to Pullman Washington to WSU so that she could talk to an advisor. We made a stop-over in Yakima to see Lisa old room-mate and then made our way over to WSU. Much to our frustration the advisor, who had told Lisa she had to come in person because they don't do phone interviews, had stood Lisa up. She had gone home early that day and when we tracked down her home phone number she said she didn't want to come back because she lived 20 miles away. She failed to realize we lived 375 miles away. She told Lisa to leave her transcript stuff and what-not and she'd finish it up by phone. Grrrr...

We we frustrated, but we drove a little further and stopped in Moscow Idaho and had dinner there. This was pretty much because a bunch of our friends had gone to Russian and spent some time in Moscow, so we thought it would be fun to spend some time in a Moscow of our own.

Anyway, tomorrow finds me back at school and work and school and work. Thursday Lisa and I will celebrate our 6th month aniversary.



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