Monday, October 6

An Update in the key of C

Good evening everyone. You'll have to forgive the lak of posting because I am really tired. I was all empassioned this morning about a post I wanted to do, but I am really too tired to think at the moment. Maybe you'll get it tomorrow after I playtest for Microsoft.

Web design has been going good. I sat down yesterday and wrote down/ sketched out ideas for the sites I have to do, and it's something like 8-10 websites I have in the que. I really need to get on the ball. On a happynote though my skills in web design have been growing in leaps and bounds. I've learned a ton about such things as CSS. (No more tables for benny-boy!)

Also been spending some quality time with Lisa as of late as well. Which is probably why I am so tired. Not that I really mind when it comes right down to it, but still, this site suffers for it. Now I a, going to go read. Because I haven't done that in a long time.



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