Tuesday, December 23

Days gone by...

Well, I know many of you had money on when I would eventually get around to posting, so I thought I would surprise you all and make with a post AND some pictures before Christmas!

I've been working a bunch, and the pace of work leaves me pretty tired. WHen I'm not working though I am mainly trying to hang out with people. Dan just got back from school. Wes is back, Lisa is done with school (however she just left for Cali, like 20 minutes ago), so I have been trying to spend some time with people.

Christmas is coming, seems like it has been a pretty short build up time to it this year. Not sure why that is though. I got some stuff for my family already, that I am quite proud of, but I thought I might go out today and do some more.


Wes came over jst a second ago (which is why I stopped typing) and we burned his pictures, from his website, to a CD.

Now a few cool pics: (I took these on Thursday last)

Merry Christmas!



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