Wednesday, January 14

An amendment to time

Well, I made it down to California in one peace. When I have time to sort through my pictures I will update you all on what we did.

Monday Morning-ish I was informed that my Grandfather (Mom's dad) had died. So that will keep me here in Cali until later, instead of coming back on Thursday as planned.

The rest of Monday we saw the golden gate bridge, and Muir woods (BIG trees!!), and we also did Pier 39. I don't know if I need to say this or not, but I found a new friend for myself and Max at the same place Max came from. He has yet to have a name though.

Tuesday we saw the "Mystery Spot" ( as we traveled down from the Stanford area. Interesting place the "spot" is. When I whip up the pics I'll explain more.

I am way tired right now. Anyway, more later, with pictures!

Now I am at Master's college



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