Tuesday, February 10

A day on the back...

I had a headache this morning when I woke up. Maybe you know the type I am talking about. The type where there is a little gnome or something behind your eyes and he's running around, occationally trying to push your eyes out of their sockets and when he's not doing that he's pounding on the inside of your skull. (Mainly because he wants a snack or something, and you know what happens when you give a gnome a cookie. (Or was that mouse!?))

So, you might ask, what did you to today. Well, I saw a lot of the inside of my eyelids. I think for the sake of my head I very much would have liked to have been at work.

I got the majority of my SPU application done! (Last night before headache) I just need to proof my two essays and then off they go! We'll see! Ben might be going to college!


P.s. Tomorrow will be cloudy, with a chance of meatballs.


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