Monday, February 9

Coming up for air...

Yesterday Lisa and I went out to a random Mexican restaurant in North Ballard, watched "Life is Beautiful" (which I had never seen before), and then went and saw "My Architect". (Which is a documentary on a guy trying to find out about his father Lou Kahn, who I guess was some famous architect.) Anyway, that was an ok documentary. I guess it's up for something come Oscar time. (We went to see it with a couple of her architecture class-mates.) It was a good day.

Today found me back at work. I discovered something that annoys me today. I was working away in newsstand and there was a customer browsing around who had just gotten coffee, and after every sip/ gulp he would go, "Ahhhhhhhh" like he was just coming up for air. The first couple times I thought this was funny. Then after he had been standing there for a while I started to wonder if he had breathing problems such that while something was in his throat he couldn't breathe. Maybe he WAS coming up for air. The thought though of having to give the guy mouth to mouth was a little unnerving. I hear that people tend to throw-up after you give them mouth to mouth. And coffee breath is just NOT cool if you're trying to save someone's life. TIP: If you're going to need mouth to mouth can you at least try to get in a breath mint in first!? Thanks.


P.s. It's a beautiful day. (Don't let it get away!)


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