Saturday, February 7

What do you play?!

While my brother is in Music Education here at Central Washington University (CWU), I got myself some of my own "Music Education" this evening.

I drove out this afternoon here to the "e-berg" to visit Adam and spend the night. We ended up hanging out with my brother's girlfriend, Shelli. We spent the evening at her apartment with her and Adam's 19+ closest friends, who all happen to be quite musical.

Everytime someone sought to introduce themselves to me they would always ask, "So, what do you play?" The first couple times I forgot these were music people and not normal people and I looked at them and was like, "What!?" ANd then slowly it would dawn on me that they were talking music, and I would say something like, "I dabble in guitar and I have amandolin sitting around. But generally I don't do music." Which I think surprised a lot of them because my brother is Mr. Music. I guess they don't realize that I am Mr. Technical.

Speaking of Mr. Technical, I have discovered a new fun pass-time. "2600: The Hacker's Quarterly" That contains some information that is absolute gold. (And some of it, while highly unlikely that I would do any of it, makes for interesting reading."

Anyway, I am off to "bed" now. Have a good weekend all!


P.s. 42


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