Monday, February 2

Double sided sticky tape...

After church yesterday Lisa and I went by the university bookstore. She got some school supplies, I got the parking validated, and we headed out. I put tht key into the ignigtion, turn the key and: "rrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrr" and then the CD ejected. I pop the CD back in and try the car again. "RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr..." and the CD ejects again. The battery was dead. Lisa had her AAA card on her so we called a tow truck, thinking of course I would need to be towed.

While we were waiting for the towing guy we were standing inside the door looking at the authors that University Bookstore has coming and who did I see was going to be there on Friday? Why none other than Robin Hobb herself. Lisa then had to endure me talking about how great and wonderful Robin's writing is for the next few minutes.

So the tow guy came, jumped the can in no-time and I drove over to Schucks, grabbed me a fancy new battery (with 84 month warrenty) and found my way to a superbowl party. (Where everyone proceeded to watch football, while I tried to understand it. (And failed)) I left early to go see how Lisa was doing back at the studio.

We had diner at IHOP and then we went back to her place. We said our goodbyes as she had a meeting to get to, and then I pretended to leave. What I actually did was I went downstairs and watched part of a movie with a couple guys and then came back upstairs when her meeting was done. She called me, as I was done with the movie and thought I was at home. I snuck up behind her in her room and I think I startled her a bit.

Worth the lack of sleep being as she is mid-terming this week.

More fun and games at work this morning at the lead meeting. New handsell "contest" as well. This time we'll be choosing a book from the backlist, something no newer than 2 years old. Maybe I can find another book like "Backyard Ballistics" and sell 129 of them too!


P.S. Fist one out wins!


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