Friday, February 27

Oh yeah!

I remember now why I quit Microsoft! It wasn't because I made mad cash on an hourly basis, no, it was because the job is so mind-numbingly dull! This was a good reminder of why I went looking for another job. Something that doesn't put me to sleep as I hear about MS's marketing plan with enough achronims thrown in to make you think they were speaking a different language. Oh, and phrases I forgot I hated so much:
"Let's take this offline" and
"Let's drill down"...
It's crazy, just by working at MS for a certain amount of time I can almost tell if someone works at MS. It's their whole "culture" and the way they use words that can make an expert point them out in a crowd.

Anyway, once at MS in 2 years isn't going to kill me, but it served as a mighty good reminder why I work at BN. Here's to finding a omputer job!



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