Tuesday, March 16

Dinner and no movie!

Tonight I made dinner for the family and Lisa. Beef Brisket with some cheesy potato things, caesar salad and french bread. An odd grouping? Maybe, but it was good.

Lisa has a final tomorrow at 9, so she was studying before and after dinner. We hung out and I helped her study a bit and surfed the web. I had a really good evening and I think the combination of people and beef brisket did that for me. =)

No word back from SPU as of yet, so I on't know if BCC sent what they were supposed to send or not, but I hope they'd hurry up with that.

I was casually looking around at job sites today for what was available for computer people, but sadly enough those job sites only list higher end jobs. Guess interships and entry level jobs are harder to come by.



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