Monday, May 10

New Look!!

Oooo, look at those pretty colors! The cool design! Ooooo, Ahhhhh! This was a design that worked better than the previous one and not nearly so green. I took the design from a template and made some tweaks, and changed the picture from flowery to techy. Less work, new features. (New comment features)

Today the assistant manager changed the key-combo on the doors. Instead of a fairly difficult pattern he changed it to something I think makes more sense pattern wise. More artsy, less logiciky.

Today was spent covering breaks and fixing tables with new display items. Will I ever get to work in Newstand again!? Hmmm... I hope so. The newstand district manager is coming next week.



  1. Ack! Everybody's changing everything, and now they all look so blogger!

    Whatever happened to quality Haloscan comments, btw? These are LiveJournal-style and not so hot.

  2. Copy cat! I picked that template first!! : P But of course, you know HOW to tweak it to do what you want. I, on the other hand, can't make it do all I want to do (I'm getting some, but not all...)

    And I think I agree w/ Katie, I do like the Haloscan comments better. : )


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