Thursday, May 13

Pain and a Job

This morning I was awakened my some unknown pressure pounding out little rthyms in my skull. So I called my manager at work who somewhat guilted me into coming into work later in the day (11am) when I was supposed to be feeling better. 11 rolls around. I make it out to my car and to work, and then sped an hour in the Cafe wishing I wasn't standing and hearing the coffee grinder grind, and the loud sound of clearing out the tamper. Anyway, after an hour I decided my head hurt too much, so home I went. That was my day at work. The rest of the day has been spent on my back, in bed. Wishing my head didn't hurt.

However, there is a silver linning to this dark, painfilled, stormcloud: I got a job. You are talking to the newest member of the SPU Microsystems something or other fix-it guy. The starting pay isn't so bad at all and I am working with computers. I'll be slowly starting to phase out the retail job I hold (with maybe some weekend warrioring) and then start fixing computers.

Anyway, my head hurts, and I am going back to gazing at the inside of my eyelids.



  1. Congrats on the new job. We at the House of Barnsie will miss you, but share your joy at the prospect of you being knee deep in something you love. Ben and comuters. Images of Willard keep coming to mind.

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Hey Ben...

    I like seeing your progress with the SPU job. GOOD for you. Hope the skull pressure is better. If you notice I try not to use one letter in this response. The problem is this key doesn't work on my computer. Guesses?

    -Dn... :>

  3. Congrats on the job, and I hope your head get's better soon!


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