Tuesday, May 25

Pummance Pockets and Electrical Alchemy

Several interesting things happened to me today and for you non-linear people I will tell them in reverse order.

Last off, I came downstairs from eating ice-cream and strawberries and sat down in front of my computer screen(s) [Sorry, couldn't resist] and I felt a lump in my pocket. It was rather painful actually. So I dug around in my pockets for a bit and then pulled out a thumbnail sized peice of pummace! (You know the volcanic rock that floats?) I was somewhat amazed. New pair of shorts and the first time I wear them not only does it rain, but I find pummance in my pocket! You can feel free to hold off jokes.

After work Ian stopped by and we talked about turning my flashlight into an LED peice of wonder, and then he removed a bunch of computer parts we had laying around. After that we swung by a new electronic gizmo shop called "Radar" where almost everything is in large plastic jars, carboard boxes and large carboard barrels. I commented to Ian that it felt like we were wandering around an old alchemists shop. "Oooo, look at their selection of Micros Chipius! And over there! Screwius Loosius!" They had all sorts of stuff, but no LEDs. Giant fans that I joked about putting in computers, and very small fans, which we joked about putting in our calculators. ("This is good, my Ti-83 seemed to be running a little hot...")



  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    "Electrical Alchemy" That sounds especially cool.

  2. That sounds like an 80's synth band...
    and pumice in my pocket would be 90's punk.
    oh well. hot punk, cool funk, even if it's old junk,
    it's still awkward code to me...



  3. Hmmm... There used to be a Radar Electronics in Spokane with much the same description. Once the guy who worked there gave a friend and me a bunch of stuff for free because it was for a school project and he said he supported education! Plus the total purchase came to less than a dollar...

    Ben- have you ever checked out http://www.sciplus.com ?


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