Sunday, June 27

An advertising man...

I'm feeling better. Not 100% mind you, but not nearly as sick. Thanks everyone for the support this past week as I took time to stare at the ceiling.

3 things of note:

1. Got myself a "mini-fridge" yesterday. For use in the dorm room in the fall. Until then however it will spend time in MY room. (my brother commented: "Now you NEVER have to leave your room!" (In my defense I DO have to go to work. (But I did think of that...))) My mother has already put it to use for housing things that won't fit in the fridge upstairs because of all the party planning she is doing for my Grandmother's birthday party today.

2. My new camera will be coming on Tuesday! I am looking forward to this being as it is a step up from my previous camera (which Lisa now holds onto) and I'll be able to take pictures again!

3. I added a picture link on the side under "Webcomics" to Sheldon because I figured it was my favorite and stands out above the rest, so I thought I would give them their props.

Lisa comes back to the States today from Honduras. Hopefully I'll get a phone call! (See very bottom of this website)



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