Monday, August 30


Saturday... an interesting day. Lisa and I went to Deer Trail Colorado to see where my grandmother was born. Not a whole lot there, but interesting none-the-less. I did take soemthing back with me from there however: 2 bug bites that I am having troubles keeping the swelling down on and a headache that hasn't gone away since Saturday afternoon. (This should tell you how obnoxious the headache was: I swallowed some Asprin) Anyway, it's still with me.

The other day I wrote a big long post about what I had done on Thursday and what-not, and then blogger lost it. So no more update.

In other news I shaved off my gotee as well. (Ryan's not the only one who can do something different!)



  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Odd, that post I mentioned as lost, is now viewable below this post. Like it had never disapeared.


  2. I've had the same thing happen to me w/ blogger before. I type a long post, and then get an error page when I go to publish it, but somehow it appears later on. I agree, it's very odd.

    Interesting about the loss of gotee. Any particular reason for losing it? And do we get a picture, or do we have to wait until you get back to see your hair-less face again? : )

  3. Yeah, blogger just lost this post (well, not this one, but the one I was trying to write before it lost it so I had to write this one). Blogger can be frustratingly weird sometimes.

    So what prompted the loss of gotee? And do we get a picture?

  4. I've taken to writing all my posts in Word, so that if Blogger suddenly says there's an error, I haven't lost everything for good. Whatever works.

    Yes, we definitely want to see this Ben-sans-goatee.


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