Friday, August 27

King Arthur, my new Fedora and a bonus question!

Last night Lisa and I decided we wouldn't see each other so we could get some alone time and not get tired of seeing each other. While she staid at home (see LLL) I decided to have a night on the town. First stop, after working a little late, was Best Buy. I needed blank CD's (my old one's were stolen out of my car) but I have no problem wandering around a store with technological goodies and "toys" in it. After five (5) sales clerks asked me if I was "finding everything ok" or "if I needed help finding anything" I decided it was time to go. (The last clerk asked me and I thought he was talking to the guy beside me so I didn't answer and started walking away. 2 Ailes later I realized he was still looking at me and I told him I was fine. Then hastily got in line before anyone else could ask me if I needed anymore help. (However the checkout clerk also asked me if I had found everything ok.) A side note: 100 blank cd's cost about 37.99, 100 blank DVDs cost something like $119.99 granted they hold more, but they are still plastic discs with foil on top.

Following all but being helped out the door at Best Buy I thought I should find something to eat. The Bear Claw Cafe was close by so I dropped in. Bowl of potato Chowder in a sour-dour bowl was the fare. For four (4) bucks. I only ate half of it it was so large.

Following that I walked across the parking lot to the "cheapy-theater" where I paid 1.50 to see "King Arthur". I'm glad that's all I paid to see that movie. It just couldn't hold it together. Not a great movie.

Anyway, I staid late at work because I was installing Fedora (a variant of Red Hat Linux) on a computer here at OC. I'm surprised how easy it is to use, and yet how complex it is. I'm going to install it when I get home.

Bonus Question: Should Ben "loose" the goatee? I've been thinking about it and was curious if anyone cared much?

Back to work... this is my 2nd to last day here.

Oh yeah, got the car in today as well. Should be done here in about an hour. Then I'll get the CD player installed and we'll be ready to roll again!


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  1. I wanted to see "King Arthur," but never got around to it. Guess I didn't miss much. What was so bad about it?


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