Wednesday, August 25

Korean BBQ and Gaslight

Last night Lisa and I celebrated 19 months of dating. (We take any excuse we can to go out on a "real date") We had a coupon for a Korean BBQ place at the south end of town and so we drove down there. Only to find that it was no longer there. We migrated, like salmon, our way back up to the North End of town and found ourselves another Korean BBQ place. Korean BBQ was good. The meat was excellent and they cooked it right on our table. Plus they had a bunch of other stuff that went with it. Things that I liked, like Roasted Garlic and bean sprouts and seaweed, to things I didn't like, like Mushrooms.

Following dinner (I didn't much feel like mving) we swung by the video store here and picked up a copy of the movie "Gaslight" with Ingrid Bergman. That was a really good movie for being as old as it was. (Sometimes the "suspense" can be a bit silly) It would probably get messed up, but I think a remake would be really interesting. Very much a phycological thriller. (With a great performance by Ms Bergman)

This morning I got up nice and early to go put my car in the shop to get it fixed. I got to the shop just as they were opening and was told, after the guy looked at my car, that the assor had ordered the wrong part in. Supposedly the guy is checking to see if they have any in stock and if not he'll try to get one over-nighted. So maybe we can repeat this all tomorrow! (I was really looking forward to some time to read, but oh well.)

Hopefully my CD player will come today as well so I can get that installed tomorrow after the car gets done.



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