Monday, August 23

Live from Colorado...

It's the Ben show, staring, you guessed it, Ben. *cue theme music and wild clapping*

Thank you, thank you, it's great to be here tonight. So this weekend was a semi-busy one. Lisa and I went to "the cave of the winds". (oooooo) What they SHOULD have called it was "Cave of the Dry stagnant Air". *rim-shot* Seriously, the place has been in business for over 100 years and when they built the gift shop they covered up the hole that let the wind into the cave and thus the actual name of the cave serves no REAL purpose anymore. Maybe the cave can take a hint from pop-culture and be called something like, "The cave formally known as the Cave of the Winds". It's a bit of a let down to excitedly wait your turn to go deep into the earth where you walk around for 45 minutes (for which you pay the equivalent of 3 meals at McDonald's) and end up seeing things like rock, dark, and some rocks that look like other rocks. All in all the caves at Mammoth were much better.

Another great part of this rather dry and windless tour was the tour guide. The kid couldn't have been any more that 17. (if that) And he had the "tour guide voice" down perfectly. I'm sure you know the type, it sounds like they are imparting a world shaking tidbit of fact to you by the way they raise the intonation of their voice up at the end of what they are saying. The kid also had to have been doing this a while because he just said the jokes like he had said them a million times. For me, I think being a tour guide with jokes like that would be great, you would have THOUSANDS of people to tell your jokes to, and you can use the same ones, over and over, and NO ONE will know! With my friends I have to keep coming up with new material, being a tour guide however I could be repetitive. Maybe I should modify what I consider my "dream job".

This is my final week here at OC we'll see what they can come up with to keep my busy!


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  1. Anonymous10:28 PM

    I'm very bored, I have no life, and I've been looking for pictures from the Cave of the Winds and found this blog instead. I work there! It is awesome telling those jokes a thousand times over and over again. It's my favourite part. I love those jokes, it's what makes talking for 45 minutes entirely worth it. Was your tour guide Chandler? Haaah... um, that's all. Hope this didn't creep you out. It's nice to read someone so painfully sarcastic.


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