Wednesday, October 27

A Classisicist?

Where has the time gone? I find it is time for mid-terms and half of the first quarter of the first quarter of my university experience is gone. (Like Elvis and his mom)

Latin has been going well. The hardest part for me to get past has been English Grammer. I've essentially had to learn Latin grammer and english grammer at the same time, at an accelerated pace. Thanks to the school systems I never was taught grammer. (A friend of mine pointed me to a book called "English Grammer for the Student of Latin" which I think will be great for helping me learn what is going on in English as well as Latin.) I've been enjoying Latin a lot, and it's really helped me get to know English a lot better. Dr. Ewald was saying the other day that once you know Latin, ancient Greek is a walk in the park. (Which found me wondering if next year I should take Greek? (I think we'll need to see how I do in Latin first, but so far I'm doing pretty good.))

University Foundations (Bible) has been going pretty good as well. Today I slept through class because I staid up late last night working on a 2000 word essay that was due, plus a bunch of other HW, anyway, I slept through class, and later discovered I missed nothing at all. (Dr. Wall emailed everyone and said he moved the HW back to Monday because they got so off track today on a tangent that we need to take the next couple days to get back.) We had a test the other day in class and I didn't study at all because, well it's a bible class and it seems to me if I've read the bible and listened to Dr. Wall in class that there wasn't much I could miss. And I was right. He graded on a curve (so many people freaked out about that) and a B- was the top of the curve and I got a B. Here's to keeping ahead of the curve. (Now if only I could do that with technology... (HA!))

Ancient Civ has been going ok. It's a really hard class to stay awake in. Right after lunch and in a hot classroom. Not that this stuff isn't interesting, some of it is, some of it isn't, but it's just a bad combination. When he's talking politics it is especially hard to stay awake. (I'm a little ashamed to mention that when he starts talking about war and weapons I'm wide awake and contributing to the conversation. (I must really seem like a real nerd the way I talk about ancient warfare somtimes.)) I have a big research paper due at the end of the quarter. It has to be on some ancient technology. Some topics I have heard are: (and so far everyone's topic I have heard of but mine is one he has suggested in class) Pottery, Chariot warfare (for the guys), and Ancient Architecture. I however am doing the evolution of the sword in ancient times. (On a side note Dr. Ewald has been really great, he has sent me 2 sources already and suggested they are really good on my topic. (I need 3 for the paper))

Work wise it's been a lot of fun. I've been encountering some fun-yet-odd problems in the computer arena. (Which is much better than the same-old-same-old.)

Lisa and I have been trying to see each other whenever possible, but that works out to something like 2 times during the school week. She's been pretty busy with school, and I have been as well. She's been off and on sick as well, which hasn't been very fun for her.

Halloween is coming up, quite honestly ever since school started I thought that it couldn't get here fast enough. (Advertising and massive displays in the store and advertising on TV ever since school started) I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season for me. It's time to get excited... and this is the first year in three years I won't have to work retail at Christmas, it will also be the first Christmas Lisa and I can spend together. (Last year she went down to California for a week around Christmas)

Well, I have a Latin mid-term on Friday (no... that's ummmm, errr, not why I am writing this...) so I have some studying to do.

Stay tuned for... information (trust me on this one... it'll be worth reading.)


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  1. Anonymous4:53 PM


    You're right that this thread is about to get interesting... You're a very good writer, so you understand how good writing attracts plot twists.

    I'm very intrigued by your writings about Dr. Ewald. My impression of him is slightly different than yours, however, since I've seen him naked. How's that for a classical relationship? He's got you fooled - he's a wicked, wicked guy...

    Yes, you are reading this right. Kindly tell me how to email you and I will provide details in return for a small favor.


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