Saturday, October 30

A quickie...

Hey Everyone,
Lisa's apartment was broken into yesterday. Her computer, laptop and digital camera were all taken from her room. Her roommate lost a bunch of jewlery, including her engagement ring.

Lisa was having a hard time trusting her apartment last night and I know it's not easy. Whoever did it just kicked in the door. The deadbolt tore through the wood of the doorframe.

When they moved in no one told them about renter's insurance, so now they are kind of in a jam because unless the stuff gets recovered then it's impossible to get it replaced except by footing the bill themselves.

Deffinatly an item to pray for them for.


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  1. We certainly will be praying for that. Our apartment was broken into last year, and it's such a horrible, insecure feeling. Give Lisa a big hug for me and we'll be keeping her in our prayers.


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