Sunday, October 31

Yes, I wanted to be a Sintist, but I don't lick bunnies...

Nothing like cleaning out one's room for the frst time since I moved into it. Being as the folks are moving they are also going through a ton of old stuff seeing what we have, what we want to keep, and what goes to the proverbial "slag heap". (aka: File 13)

What I discovered about my young self is the following: (that I probably knew if I thought about it, but I was reminded...)
1. I was very into sceince back in the day. Biology, astronomy, rocketry, science, you name it I probably would have sat down and listened to you talk about it.
2. I was really bad at spelling.
3. Combine number 1 with number 2 and poof: "I want to be a sintist when I grow up."

However we found something that sister had draw which says, "I lick bunnys and balley" (Translation (Latin helps in times like these) "I like bunnies and ballet") However we all thought this was so funny that we just had to tease Beth about licking poor little rabbits. (We even did a remake of "little bunnie fo-fo")

More on cleaning later and the treasures I'll find!


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  1. Your family is moving? Wow. That's creepy. It's like my whole world is suddenly falling apart.

    Oh, and by the way, if you find any more computer stuff you don't want I'll take it.


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