Tuesday, December 7


Yesterday I developed this NASTY headache and went to bed, and got up early this morning to study. However at 6 in the morning it is way too quiet and listening to every second pass by on the clock is just NOT an option. Sooo, I invited some friends over. Namely The Ventures and The Shadows. Nothing like a little electric guitar "surf rock" (without words) to help study.

Now, back to Latin! (Which reminds me, I think it would be really cool to see a rock band who only sang in Latin.)

"Surf Rock" is underrated. Those guys generally have a lot more skill than rock band guys do (not all, just most). (And now you all know my little secret about how I really enjoy "Surf Rock". Of course I can only listen to them when I'm not at the beach cutting up a few waves. (Which means I can listen to them all the time.) However I surf in a different fashion. =) )



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