Sunday, April 17

Ben Morrell ... Condo Hunter

This has been a busy weekend!
Friday evening started off the weekend by looking at various condo's that are up for sale in the Bellevue/Redmond area. (Aside: I think it is funny when people younger than myself who have never owned a house/condo or even rented an apartment tell me, "Condo's in Bellevue are expensive!" Yes, yes they are. But lets think about this, in comparision to anything you have ever bought even a used car from 1986 would be expensive! (One of Dustin's sister's friends was telling me this today.))

Anyway, we looked at condos and found a couple we (Lisa and Myself) like and hopefully we'll be able to get into one before I have to move out of SPU. (So I have somewhere to live.) It's kind of funny, before we get married Lisa will be living in Seattle and working in Bellevue. If we get this condo I will be living in Bellevue and working in Seattle.

Saturday found Lisa and I at the "Saving your marriage before it starts" seminar. An excellent seminar put on by Drs Les and Leslie Parrot. (of SPU fame) It really gave Lisa and I a lot of things to talk and think about. Highly reccomended for anyone who is going to get married or has been recently married. (2 - years) Following that we had dinner with Lisa's folks.

Sunday found us in the Newlywedd class at church again, and after church we had lunch with my folks. Things for the wedding are progressing nicely. 3 months left!



  1. Katie and I read that book, "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts", before we got married. I'd also recommend "The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work" by John M. Gottman. While it's not a christian marriage book, John Gottman does research on marriages at the Univeristy of Washington so he knows is stuff.

  2. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Yes, I have seen that book. (Working at BN and all) They mentioned Gottman's work at the seminar a couple of times.



  3. I was going to say what Ian said, only he got there before me. So, uh, consider everything he said seconded.

    Also I highly recommend going to premarriage counseling not with a pastor (although I know Crossroads wants you to do it with them too) but an actual counselor. It's really helpful even if you think you've got everything perfect (ha).

  4. Umm, yeah, so I have no advice, seeing as not only am I not married, I don't seem to be heading that direction. I suppose the best I can do is: don't screw up. : P


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