Wednesday, June 1

The Diamond as big as the Ritz...

When you're short on titles for your blog simply look to your left and grab the closest thing you can find. That is my tip today for new bloggers. (This has an added benefit as well if it's a book title because someone googling will search for the book title and something like "summary" or F. Scott Fitzgerald with it, and then they find your blog instead of what they are looking for. I think it's kind'a funny. (Read the story for goodness sake, it's short and pretty funny.)

I saw an article today that said something about people getting paid for their bloging expirence. I wonder if 3 and a half years could land me a worthwhile job? Maybe I can make 40k to 70k working from home... (I've got to look into that)

In other news it's been crazy, and it's only going to get crazier in the next few weeks. Got a Shakespeare "final" project today. (I'm reciting Henry the 5th act 3, scene 1.) I've got a paper due on Thursday in Greek Lit, This weekend I've got to start packing up the apartment in a major way (My last weekend here at SPU) and then Tuesday I have a final, Wednesday I have 2 finals, then a day of work, and then off to California for Dan and Jane's wedding. (Then I can relax a bit!)

Anyway, I had best make sure I know Henry front and back and then do some Latin.



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