Wednesday, August 10

Blogging Prunes?

I think I need to get my hands on some Blogging Prunes. This way it'll make me more regular.

"Humor" aside work has been going well. Married life has been going well. We're getting our condo into a liveable condition. Lisa has done a great job in unpacking boxes and moving things around so as to encourage me to do things like paint the walls. (Which is kind of the last piece in the furniture moving puzzle.) As soon as the wall is painted then we can move the desks and book-cases, then we can take down the folding tables in the living room. I also have some auctions up at eBay, which should get me some extra cash for which to purchase my new computer monitor/ TV. Another project I've been working on, albeit somewhat casually, is how to hang a 20+ pound wrought iron candle holder from the ceiling. (Without being able to put anything on the other side of the ceiling) It's been rough.

I got an email from an old BN contact the other day saying she had a copy of a book I've been waiting for that she could let me have. Needless to say I was over there in a heartbeat. I also picked up a book on Perl programing and a little primer to brush up on my Latin for the fall. I also got to see some people I haven't gotten to see since I left the big BN.

Today we get the chairs we ordered for our table, so I will be leaving work early.

I'll be seeing you all around!



  1. Ah, Ben, if you were up at BN you should have at least stoped in to Eddie Bauer (or EB, as I like to refert to it) and seen if I was working! It's just across the street and it'd be good to see you!

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