Monday, August 15

Up and Down...

Some of you might have noticed that the AnalogCafe subdomains were no longer available for about a day. Well, they are back now.

In other news I leaarned some things this weekend:
1. Panchetta is your friend. It's like bacon, only better. (Which, coming from a die-hard bacon fan, is pretty high praise)
2. Taragon is not your friend. Taragon tastes like the illegitimate offspring between Anis and Mint. Not a taste I really want to re-visit. (On the upside the rest of the food that it was prepared with (Panchetta and Turkey) was excellent! (And only 1 plastic plate was hurt in the preparing of the dish... =) )

Lisa and I went over to Port Gamble on Saturday morning to prepare for her friend Raeleen's wedding. She had the bridesmaids get dressed up in a kind of 30's fashion. Lisa looked like I imagine Daisy looking from "The Great Gatesby". (Ten years earlier, I know...) So while people were getting ready for the wedding I sat in the car and read a "Reader's Copy" (IE: Pre-release copy) of Robin Hobb's newest book. So far so good I must say.

When Lisa and I got back on Sunday we went and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (the new one with Johnny Depp) I have heard mention that some people who have blogs here on AnalogCafe's webspace did not like CatCF, but I want it to be known as the one who pays the bills here at AnalogCafe, that I (and thus AnalogCafe) really enjoyed the movie. I went in slightly skeptical, but I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself and while I liked the older version as well, I really enjoyed the newer version. I laughed a lot, and I liked the imagry, and I think the director caught the kind of bizzare nerosis that Dahl was going for when he created Willy Wonka. I enjoyed it, some people haven't, but I say go see it for yourself. You get used to how strange Depp looks pretty quickly I think.

That was this past week in review. I have only 2 weddings left this year (the 26th and the 3rd of September) so we're almost through!

More later!


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  1. Did Dahl really intend to include "bizzare nerosis" as part of Wonka's character? Maybe it's been too long since I read it, but my memories were much more innocent and less...freakish...than the movie made the story into.


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