Tuesday, September 6

It's a Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday!

With the advent of modern technology we can now experience the feelings of a Monday on a Tuesday! How is this all possible you ask yourselves? It's quite simple really! Just take Monday's as a holiday and go out and do something. Come Tuesday you'll feel like it was Monday again! That's tought time-travel folks! You'll be behind all week! The real beauty of this will come Saturday when you get up to go to work and realize that you don't have to!

Saturday Lisa and I drove down to Crobett, OR (aka: Middle of Nowhere, OR) for Adam Blinkinsop's wedding. It was a nice little wedding. (They sang one of the songs that we sang at our wedding, but the piano player didn't know how to play beyond a certain tempo. Imagine trying to sing a more upbeat song at 2/3rds the normal tempo.) I think that ends the reign of summer weddings. We started out with Dan and Jane, then we went to Ingrid and James, then Lisa and I got married, then Megan and Jeff, then Raeleen and Andy, then Katrina (Kat) and I don't remember his name, and now Sydney and Adam. We already have 2 linned up for next summer though. Josh and Adriane and Ben and Jen. (Book your weddings now!!)

Sunday and Monday Lisa and I were up at Whidbey Island with her folks at her folks place. We generally just hung out, played a 2 day game of Trivial Pursuit, (which I lost... I didn't get ANY colored pieces! Although I answered a fair amount of questions correctly...) saw a movie (The Brother's Grimm) and ate some mexican food.
Overall a very relaxing weekend.

This is my last week at SBRI, and I will be starting up at SPU on the 12th of this month. (Next week) to see what all needs doing for Help@Home. Should be fun.

Lisa's Birthday is on Saturday, so you should wish her a happy 23rd birthday as the time draws near.


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