Sunday, September 11

Seven hours of Par-tay.

Lisa's party was good and thrown! Seven hours, 5pm until 12am of straight birthday partying. (My apologies to anyone who tried to webcam in, it broke and *insert technical reasons that no one really wants to read*)

First we had Ben and Jen show up a little before 5. They helped us (because they were early) finish up some of the preparations. My mom was good enough to provide us with some Bruchetta and spinach Dip. (Both went over really well!) Then Laura Murahashi and Katie Massingill showed up, followed by Lisa's old friend Hillary. From there Ryan showed up.

We sat around chatting for a bit, eating the many things (dare I say cornucopia of things?) we had to consume. A big hit were the glow straws I found on a bar supply place. (Not a link to the bar supply place but here is the company website. (Good old OmniGlow))

Ryan had to leave a bit early but we played picture telephone on post-it notes and had a good time seeing how things like "Cement" were turned into "Milking a Cow", or "Silly" into "Dismembered Limbs". It was pretty crazy, but we all had a good time. Then Hillary had to go and Adam (my brother) and Shelli showed up followed closely by Marissa. People ate and chatted and then we broke out Scategories, and played a round of that.

People started to trickle out and eventually it was just Marissa left and she went home at about midnight. I think Lisa had a good time and she was surprised she lasted for seven hours of birthday partying. It was fun however to see some people and invite them over to the condo.

Speaking of condo: I will have a walkthrough of our apartment available before the end of the week. It will allow you to interact with it as well... (oooo) So stay tuned and I promise not to photoshop out too much stuff. =)


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  1. Anonymous10:36 PM


    I care about the technical details! :(
    Well, I guess if others don't....

    Also...what's a Brushchetta? I am totally drawing a blank



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