Thursday, October 20

Continued adventures in agony...

Not like I really wanted to turn this blog into a chart of my physical ailments, but essentially that is what keeps me from blogging.

Last Wednesday I came down with a fairly bad cold. Was in bed Thursday, half of Friday, Saturday and started to feel a bit better on Sunday. Today finds me with a bit of a sore throat, but that is it.

I've been enjoying work because it's been all sorts of new things to learn about how to subvert virus's. (And how awful some laptops are!) I'm really glad I enjoy fixing computers as much as I do. With the advent of having more and more laptops on campus I can actually work on 4 laptops at once and get 4 times as much done with an hour than before. It also means that I am working on software more than telling them it's hardware issues. (Desktops have more hardware issues.)

Do you ever find yourself listening to music and suddenly you are listening to something you have never heard before and you don't know how it got onto your playlist. That's going on right now.

I have some other news but I am afraid it'll get lost in this post so I'll post another one.



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