Wednesday, October 5

I'd rather...

Monday afternoon I got a headache and I didn't think much about it. By the time MOnday evening rolled around it was a full scale migraine. And I am (un)happy to report the worst one I have ever had. The last such one close to this magnatude was in the summer just before I went off to Russia. (2001?) I am personally of the opinion that that kind of pain inside my head can't really be all that natural. I spent the night expelling anything, and everything that I could from my stomache. Lisa was a real trooper through and she put up with me and helped get me from one place to another. My gut still feels like it wants to let loose with everything but the headache is gone.

That said I found myself wondering what I would RATHER do than get a migraine on that level again. Here's what I've got:

1. I'd rather be shot in the arm. I figure wuth modern medicine it'd hurt like crazy and I'd loose blood, but my arm really isn't BIG enough for the bullet to lodge in there so I figure it'd go clean through and then I could get some stiches.

2. I'd rather drop my pc from the top of a 4 story building. I actually think that might be theraputic.

3. I'd rather ummmm... user interaction time! What would Ben rather do than have a migraine? (Comment below)

In other news school is going well. Tradition East Asia (History) is an amazing class and is answering some burning questions I had about places such as China and Japan. (And even some questions I didn't realize I had.) I think my interest in Asia is just like my interest in Europe, but Asia has captured more mind-time as of late becuse a. the civilizations are older and b. the place I live now is european based. Asia is "strange" and "different". So it's a lot of fun.

Biology is interesting when the Prof stays in "overview" mode. HOwever most of the time anything more detailed than an "overview" leaves me confused or it gets thrown into the "don't need it pile" in my brain.

Latin is going pretty good as well. I had some catching up to do and I felt like I've got a good idea of how much I need to study.

Tonight Lisa and I are having our folks over for dinner. Hopefully I won't relapse into Monday night's state.

Alright well help@home is going to be starting up here in twenty minutes, so I had best get to work.



  1. Rather convert to Macintosh? Just kidding. That headache sounds like a terrible time...

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM

    I don't know Joel... there IS a limit to how much pain I can take! =)


  3. Please no, I've lost too many friends to that terrible monster!


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