Tuesday, September 20

Everyone find a place now...

Books, books, and more books. $300's worth of books. I think a new record for spending on books. (Not a good record) The part that I consider sad is that I have a massive biology book that cost 40% of that money and I am in no way any more interested in biology than I am in any other "wet" science. I am hoping I'll be able to unload the book on someone who needs it after me. Even getting HALF of the money back would be pretty cool.

In other news my Grandmother (my mom's mom) sent me a picture the other day of my Great Grandmother when she was about (+- a couple years) the age Lisa and I are now. It's an interesting picture and I find it strand to look at it and think that I'm looking at the picture of my mom's mom's mom. Pictures really don't tell you a whole lot about a person. I can see family resemblances, but it doesn't tell me much about her. As I have been faced recently (a year and a half ago) with the death of one grandfather and collapse of another (Alzheimer’s) it has got me to thinking about these people's pasts. I guess maybe it ties into my interest in history. I know all the things I have done as a young man, but what did my grandfathers do as young men? What were they doing when they were my age? It deffinatly makes me want to compile the things of my life now so that when I am 86 (if I make it to that age) that my children's children will be able to look back on my time on earth and have some idea of who I am a little more than I know of my grandparents.

I guess I'm not the first one to really think that time travel would be really cool. Even if only for the purpose of viewing. But I suppose that is why God gave us imagination and memory.

I know I promised a walkthrough of the condo last week, but I was busy. (Helping Wes get engaged) So I think I will try to do that this weekend. I'll probably end up posting a perminate link on the side so that you all can view the walkthrough whenever you want. I plan to make it a little more interactive than you normal "pictures of a condo" type walkthrough. (Think Mist...)



  1. Ooo, I like the Myst walk-thru idea. And w/ your Bio-book, let me know who the author is...I have 2 different bio books from my college classes and if they're the same, take yours back to the bookstore and just borrow mine.

    And while I'm here, you didn't tell my you were taking biology!! That's totally my forte! Not only do I love the subject, but I TAed for the intro series at SU, so I'm pretty well versed in the finer points that are likely to be important for tests and such, just so you know...


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