Thursday, January 12

Status... composed

My birthday shin-dig went over well. Lisa, my folks and I went to a new resturaunt at Lincoln Square called Maggiono's or something like that. (Too lazy to look it up now) Wow was it good. It's an italian place, so I was expecting something along the lines of the Speghetti Factory. Wrong. They had an amazing array of food containing all sorts of different flavors. It was really great. Possibly my new favorite place to eat. (Spazzo's went out of bussiness. I need a new favorite.)
Lisa gave me a computer game for my birthday, a book (a section from C.S. Lewis's journal), and (here's the great part) both boxed sets of Rurouni Kenshin. (episodes 1-45, and 46-95 respectively.) That's pretty cool. I've seen all of them up to episode 85, so now I can watch them all... especially with Lisa.

Ok, class starts in 30 minutes and I gotta get to Seattle still...



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