Wednesday, January 25

Things you discover about yourself...

I'm finding out, and it's a little disturbing me just a little bit, that I am starting to enjoy Brit Rock/ Pop. The Killers, Keane, and Pernice Brothers. Also recently "discovered" and kind of in the same vein are Death Cab for Cutie and Franz Ferdinand. (Franz is I guess Brit rock-ish as well...) Anyway, I guess I like the "smooth" vocals and the good mixing of instruments. Let me know if I've gone crazy.



  1. No, you've just contracted something called Good Taste. It's pretty harmless, but there is currently no known cure and it can be contagious.

    Death Cab freaking rocks (and you should have an opportunity or two to see them live seeing as they are a Seattle band (who isn't these days)). Check out Postal Service as well or for something more pop and upbeat that I think you'll like, The Rocket Summer.

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    *GASP* Good Taste So... you're saying it's hopeless then? This good taste thing won't go away? =) I'll be sure to check out Rocket Summer.


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