Monday, January 23

Stick (and shield) with it...

Today I started down the path of becoming more proficient with a sword and shield. I know many people out there would ask, "Why? Why Ben, do you really want to become more proficient with a sword and shield?" My answer to them would be, "Because I want to."

The guy that was hired to replace my old boss at SPU is into the SCA, which entails fighting in a medieval fashion, and I have been interested in the SCA for about 8 years now, so I stepped up and said I was interested. He's taken me under his wing a bit to show me the ropes of fighting and helping me to get armor. If I do any fighting I'll let you all know. I'm sure Lisa will be there to see it though and take pictures!

Most likely I won't begin anything overly serious until the summer, right now I'm just doing exercises to get my body into shape so I can hold a shield and swing a sword. Most likely, I will be sore in the morning...



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