Wednesday, January 10

Prone to memory

As it is my 25th birthday, and as with all birthdays I think, one takes the time to think back about previous birthdays. Mine happens to fall not so far from New Years so I get do my yearly amount of pondering the past all at once.

This blog will be turning 5 years old next month and it's seen a lot of life. This blog pre-dates dating for me. Which is sort of the topic at hand. 4 years ago on my 21st birthday my sister was in King's Players. (The drama group I used to be part of) They were having their typical dessert theatre fundraiser (which always fell on/around my birthday) and I went. I had also asked Lisa if she would be interested in coming. (pre dating mind you) She said yes, and went to the fundraiser with me. Afterwards we hung out a bit and went back to the place where she was living at the time "UCU" (AKA: University Christian Union) because she said they were planning on watching bits of a TV show I might like. (Kenshin) Well, it turns out that everyone else had already seen the episodes so Lisa and I watched them together. It was 19 days later (on the 29th) that I asked her "out". It was that event on my 21st birthday 4 years ago that really got me thinking about her more seriously. Fade out, and into next scene... and now we're married. (And I happen to have the Kenshin box-set (96 episodes!!) that we are currently making our way through as well. 4 years later... awwwww)

Ok, back to web dev.


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  1. And didn't I give you that Kenshin box-set for your birthday last year? :)


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