Tuesday, January 9

Last day of 24

I seriously hope the season finally for the TV show 24 isn't tonight. That'll increase unwanted hits to my blog.

But seriously, this is my last day of being 24. Wednesday at 1:19am I turn 25.

In other news I shipped my computer out today. A trip to Texas for my computer cost 162 bucks. (Then again all the parts shipped might have weighed as much as Lisa, so a 162 ticket to Texas isn't so bad.) Oh... I don't think I've told this story here yet.

Soooo: Last week when I was trying hard to sell my computer I was contacted by an individual in Texas who had a Rolex watch that he no longer wanted. (Because he didn't wear it/ use it) Thus he emailed me and was like, "Hey, do you want to trade your computer for my Rolex?" You can bet that at first I was a little taken-a-back. I naturally assumed that the 3600 Rolex he was offering me for the 2500 in computer parts I had was worthless. So I said no. And then I thought about it. I then had him get the watch independently certified and talked to the Jeweler. The watch was legit and in very fine condition. That said I shrugged and said, "ok, lets do this." Thus my computer is on it's way to Texas, and sometime next week my newish Rolex will be shipping up here.

I can tell what you're thinking, "What are you going to do with a Rolex?" My answer: sell it. I think it'll be easier to sell a Rolex (that has a brand name) as opposed to a custom built gaming computer. I have several emails into places to see if they buy used Rolex watches. (I am worried with the "I'm trying to get rid of a Rolex" talk that they might not believe me until I actually go in there with it and prove it's legit. I'm not doing this for DRUGS!)

So that's what's up.



  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Wow. That is quite an odd trade. I can't imagine why he wouldn't just sell the Rolex himself. I can't help but think something bad is going to happen, but it sounds like you've covered your bases (and I know you would!). Good luck!

    Also, it's anything but the season finale. Season 6 premieres on Sunday.
    But speaking of unwanted hits... a couple weeks ago, I got comments from random people on my post about the Packers playoff hopes. It turned out I was #2 on google for "Packers playoff scenarios." That was, thankfully, short-lived. It's kind of eerie to think of people you don't know reading your blog, even if you're not divulging sensitive info.

    Anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM


    what's next? Scalping tickets?

    Oh...Happy Birthday in 4 hours... :)

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Scalping tickets... hmm yes... I can see it now! (Considering I'm not a sales man that's really hard to do)

    Thanks Josh for the touch of pessimism. =) I got the guys driver's license as well, so pretty much if he's con-ing me it's really elaborate.

    Now to find a jeweler that will buy un-hot merchandise for a good price.


  4. I think you should keep the Rolex. You could start your own collection of bling!

  5. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Hmmm, yeah. I guess the next step would be to trade my electric guitar for a big jewel encrusted letter M on a gold chain with links so big it could also be used for anchors.


  6. IZ DIZ WHAR I G3t my 24 JUAREZ!!

    (attempting to be a google seeker that is routed to your site)

    Anyway, awesome story on the watch. I think instead of selling it you sould do one of two things.

    a) make it a family heirloom that gets handed down from Ben to Ben Jr. to Ben the III so that they can tell the story of how grandpa got this watch by selling some anchient piece of technology that could barely produce 3d graphics


    b) pull the big red paperclip stunt and try to keep trading up until you have something awesomely cool. Like a boat! It could even be a boat!
    (if you're not familiar with the paperclip trading story either google it or ask and I'll link ya)

    Jack Bauer will eat you if he has to.

  7. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hmmm... I don't know about KEEPing it. KEEPING it would involve me not getting money for it. I do have school loans I'd like to pay off. (And possibly an XBox to buy)

    It'll show up here sometime next week. Then it's off to the jeweler who has offered me somewhere between 1000 and 2500 depending on the quality of the watch. (The appraisal said it was worth "top dollar" and was in excellent condition!) Sooo, I'm not too worried about recouping the cost of the machine.



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