Sunday, January 28

Wanna buy a watch?

Well? Do ya?

Update: 1/29/07: 5:07am: Err scratch that. It appears someone else wants the watch... and was willing to "buy it now" as opposed to waiting for the time to run out. (100 more) So IF this person ends up paying me THEN I will have made a profit on this watch vs the cost of the computer!

Update 1/30/07: 10:07am: Err scratch, scratch that. It appears that the person that wanted the watch "doesn't exist" or at least like to go around and "buy now" items they either can't afford or have no intention of buying and then seeing how much it would cost to ship the item to some far off location. So now I have to contest the fact that I didn't really "sell" the item before eBay charges me $80 in listing fees. (Why would people do this?)


1 comment:

  1. I was wondering if you'd get lucky with that sell. Bravo!


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