Thursday, February 15

To be honest...

I haven't written a blog post since the last one where I states I sold the Rolex because I was involved in a fraud involving PayPal. The very next morning PayPal informed me that the funds were under investigation as being fraudulent and withdrew them from my account. Meanwhile the guy had the watch and was making his way back to his home in Canada, so it seemed like there wasn't anything I could do.

So I was feeling pretty low and didn't want to mention that I had been conned. Especially after being so excited about selling it.

HOWEVER, I was informed this morning that PayPal had finished their review of the "dispute" and sided with me. I was completely shocked this morning to find all of the money in myPayPal account. This was a huge answer to prayer, and honestly something I had given up on and chalked it up to loss and life experience. (Especially after all the horrible things I've heard about PayPal and money related to fraud.)

A very big Praise to God for His faithfulness in this! I had in fact given up and occasionally thought about it. Remember everyone, God is faithful.

So, I can apply that money now towards the school loans that SPU helped me acrew!

Oh, also I had a review at work yesterday and they are all very happy with everything that has been accomplished these past couple of months. I was at one point worried that I was approaching a finish point where I had done everything that needed doing at TTC in regards to their technology needs. But, they have turned me in another sort of direction where now instead of working with the technology so much my goal will be to work with the people and help them understand how to use the technology. As well as understanding what it is they do and helping them to use technology to do it better! I'm pretty excited, not only because it's a lot more for me to do still, but because I think this will be an absolutely great experience for me. Working with people so closely, understanding what it is they do at Taproot, and then helping them do it better with the aid of technology.

Last night Lisa cooked a completely from scratch meal. It was crazy. She prepped for it for 2.5 hours on Monday night, and then spent something like 3 or more hours on Wednesday cooking it. She started with a salad that had a bacon and sauteed onion dressing and to go along with that she made some Kaiser rolls as well. She also made Raspberry lemonade, from real lemons and raspberry's. Following that she brought out a Shepard's pie which was great. For dessert she had made a pomegranate and orange sorbet. Those two flavors compliment each other VERY well BTW. It was a great meal. (I think she used every pot and pan we own, so cleanup is going to take a bit of time... but there was enough food to feed 6 people, so at least we can enjoy the effects even AFTER the dishes have been cleaned.)

P.S. A big Happy Birthday to my good friend Ryan Palmer who turns the big 25 today. I orchestrated a bunch of people and for his birthday we all chipped in and bought him anHD-DVD player. The look of shock on his face was well worth it. (It's to go with his new HDTV)

Oh, and another note. On Saturday Lisa's aunt died from her 7 month battle with cancer. It sounds like she died quietly at home with some of her family around her. The family is coming up this weekend and the memorial service is on Saturday.


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  1. Okay, now that you're on the other side of this, I'll tell you about the watch story from my side. When the idea of trading the computer for the watch came up, I really didn't think it was a good idea and spent some heavy duty time praying about it. However, the Lord made it very clear to me that He was in control of the situation and I was not to fret or interfere.

    So, as things roller coastered, I prayed. Mostly I prayed that that your heart would not be hardened or drawn away from God through the trial, and that you'd learn exactly what the Lord had for you throughout this.

    And so, what can a mother do but REJOICE(!) when she reads what you wrote today about this situation. Yes, God is ALWAYS faithful. Sometimes He allows pain, but never, ever without the intent of growing us closer to Him through it.

    Yes, God is always faithful! Lesson learned!!

    When the next trial comes your way, remember the lesson of the watch.


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