Sunday, February 4

Five years... the saga continues

I am proud to announce that yesterday evening a fine gentleman from Canada decided he liked my watch and so he decided to purchase it. He happened to be in Bellingham for the weekend so we met "halfway" in Tualiap so I could give him the watch. (After he had paid online of course) The final total here: 2100 for the new computer, traded it for a Rolex. Rolex appraised at 3625, I sold Rolex for $2500. (I gave the guy a discount because I could hand it over in person and not have to bother with shipping it) So I ended up making about 400 dollars in that trascaction. (However PayPal took $97, and eBay is going to take some $80 so after "fees" I'm really only ahead about $200, but still, that's more than I had before. (And no more rolex!))

This also marks the 5th annivesary of this blog. From the now defunct to today's current Analogcafe. Chronologing all sorts of things. (And the archives essentially work now, BTW, but the lin on the page is bad. I'll have to recreate that so everyone can read over the past 5 years!)



  1. Sweet deal you ended up with. Almost made back enough to cover the costs of your 360.

    RIP Tibbennet.

  2. Congratulations on the sell!

  3. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I am quite happy to be proven wrong in my pessimism about the whole situation.
    Well done, sir. Well done.


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