Thursday, March 8

Medieval Fridays

This T-shirt brought to my attention by Dave Kellet lead to an interesting exchange this morning when I showed it to a friend of mine, who also works in IT. (links added for clarity of the conversation for those that might be reading and not get it)

Him: I keep promising to wear my armet in on Halloween someday
would make answering the phone great.
Me: *reverberating voice* Hello... No I can't hear you speak up. I'm wearing a helm... no... Yes I know I sound funny...
Him: we'll just head-butt the walk-ins :-)
Me: Nothing says "service" like a 56" claymore.
Him: i was thinking a nice loaded scorpion just inside the front door
Me: Service with a point...

Just a smattering of what Medieval Friday would look like at the IT department.



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