Thursday, March 8

16 years of Silence... BROKEN

Yesterday a game came out on the Xbox Live Arcade that Lisa and I used to play in college. (Actually, she'd play, I'd lose.) Anyway, I downloaded the game and started playing it.

Now only with the "modern miracle" that is the internet could something like this even be possible. When my family moved from California in 1991 up here to Washington I left behind some friends I had known pretty much my whole life. One of those friends was Tim. We didn't keep in touch right away but in early high school when instant messaging was "all the rage" we got to talking again and kind of struck up our friendship again. So, I've known Tim for 25 years or so, I left in 1991 and haven't actually SPOKEN (vocally) with Tim since then. (16 years)

Last night in Worms he challenged me to a game and the Xbox has this nifty little feature where you can voice-chat with other people during the game. (For such things as smack talk or to organize your team) Anyway, the short of this story is that last night was the first time in 16 years I've heard Tim's voice. I think I KNEW his voice had changed since he was 9, but the disconnect was still there. (It's just funny we've been friends for so long and it's been 16 years since I've heard his voice)

The outcome of the game was Tim 2 wins, Ben 0. Nothing has changed with Worms. I still loose. (by narrow margins I must add)



  1. I'm surprised you didn't try to form an alliance with him and then betray him.

    Oh yes, I know other people would probably forgive and forget something like that, especially when it occured 10 years ago.

    But no, not me.

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Ian, Ian, Ian... you should know I need 2 friends in the same room together before I can betray them.

    (Ian refers here to my "Glorious" strategy for winning in War Craft 2. (and also why I haven't played it since))


  3. I draw my Worms skills from the power of my voice. You were so distracted with its beauty that you could not help but submit and lose.

    Honestly though I thought the same thing about not having heard you in 16 years. Weird thing was I had an idea of what I assumed your voice sounded like but it was not at all the same. I think I have a vague memory of how your dad sounded and must have linked the two. Thank you technology!

    Next step will be to get Live! cameras and pull our families around the 360 and have a good ole fashion Anderson/Morrell get together.


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