Friday, April 20

I got schooled...

I woke up this morning to see a comment posted on my last post about SQL. It was from some guy named Randal L. Schwartz. I thought nothing of it and continued on with my life. This morning I get an email from a good friend asking me if I know this guy who posted a comment. (effectively schooling me in the proper terms that I was slinging around incorrectly about SQL)

Turns out I was schooled by the 2nd foremost expert in Perl. Now I am REALLY REALLY glad I didn't say anything about Perl. (Which I have been meaning to learn someday... (Adam laughs into his hand (RE: SnakeOil)))

Just thought I would pass that on, in case any of you were as ignorant as me when it comes to Perl experts. (And to think I stocked his books at BN for so many years and didn't recognize his name.)



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